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While Leadership is one of the attributes emphasized in our school, our leader program offers students an opportunity to aspire to an even greater level of achievement. Our mission is to create leaders to meet the needs of our world, by teaching life skills necessary for success. Leadership students learn the importance of leading by example and supporting their communities. Required to step up their physical and mental training, students are rewarded with unique opportunities and an advanced curriculum designed to bring out their best. Benefits of Leadership Training As a true leader,  you will learn to inspire others while striving for higher achievements. By learning life skills such as goal- setting, persistence, confidence, motivation, communication, etiquette, and public speaking, you will become a leader no matter what life path you choose. Advanced Training Opportunities As a result of our leadership program, students are equiped to reach their goals more quickly.  Advanced training is offered in a variety of curriclums throughout the year. Expert Weapons Training As a Leadership student, you are eligible to receive advanced weapons training to further your martial arts knowledge and expertise. Jahng Bong (bo staff), Ssahng Nat (kama), and Gumdo (Korean sword art) are some of the weapons that can be studied. Advanced Competition Opportunities Although regional and national tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for leaders in all divisions to compete for best in Traditional and ATA X-treme Forms, Weapons, and Sparring, only Leadership students are eligible to gain points toward a State Championship title. Those who attain the prestigious distinction of State Champion are then eligible to wear the designation on their uniforms.
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