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ATA Martial Arts
Our founder, Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee was born in China on July 20, 1936, Beginning his martial arts training in 1953, he received his first degree black belt in 1954. In 1956, retiring from the army, he opened a Taekwondo school at Osan Air Force Base. In 1969, he founded the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). Taekwondo schools began opening all over the country.  After 64 years of humanitarian efforts and achievements, Grand Master Lee passed away on October 5, 2000 after a valiant battle against cancer.   From its humble beginnings, today  The American Taekwondo Association (ATA) has become the premier North American organization dedicated to the martial arts discipline of Taekwondo. There are more than 900 schools across the U.S. and over 3,000 certified instructors. Our instructors are more than just black belts. In addition to their martial arts training, they spend 2-3 years undergoing intensive training to become an instructor. Our curriculum facilitates a smooth progression from one rank to the next. It also focuses on personal development of the mind and body. When a student learns Songahm Taekwondo, the focus of his or her training is not only on physical strength and growth, but also on important skills that will help lead to personal successes in life. When learning, a student is in a true, traditional Taekwondo class, focusing not just on the physical but also on discipline, honor, self-control, respect, courtesy and perseverance. These Life Skills will benefit students inside the classroom and beyond. After all, a healthy individual  is characterized by a strong body and a strong mind so that you can attack any curve ball life throws your way. The "Songahm Star" is the pattern that is formed on the ground if all 18 forms of the Songahm system are completed. In a perfect Songahm Star, the distance from the center point of the star to the top point is nine feet ("feet" being the student's foot length). The total distance from the top point to the bottom point equals 18 feet, representing the number of forms in the Songahm system       
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